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Computer Science Building

Did you know?

  • We will be moving to Wegmans Hall in May 2017, home to CS, GIDS, CIRC

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  • URCS was founded as a PhD-only department in 1974. The first degrees were awarded in 1980. The department typically admits 10–12 PhD students each fall, and graduates about 7 every year.

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  • Professor Hoque received a Google Faculty Research Award for his research on data-driven adaptive learning, and innovative assessment methods.

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Women in Computing

Women in Computing at Rochester continues positive growth trend

For many decades, the diversity in computer science nationally has been disproportionally lower than in other science disiplines.  In an effort to change that at Rochester, many steps have been taken to help build a better community for women and underrepresented minorities in the Department of Computer Science at Rochester. The University recently featured an article about our "code like a girl" campus trend in the NewsCenter publication.

Why CSC?

Computer science is a broad and in-demand field, influencing areas like health, entertainment, and big data.

At the University of Rochester, our emphasis on cross-collaboration and elite undergraduate and graduate programs prepares our students for industry, research, and academic positions.

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