Prestigious Scholarship awarded to Riley '12 by Astronaut Ed Gibson '59

Due to the efforts of Skylab 4 Astronaut Ed Gibson '59, University of Rochester became eligible for the first time this year to participate in the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation's program.  As a result, UR Computer Science senior Darcey Riley became UR's first recipient of the $10,000 scholarship for exceptional students in science, math, engineering and technology.  As a recipient of this scholarship, Darcey becomes a member of an elite group of 279 astronaut scholars who continue to mee

VizWiz make international news

Prof. Jeff Bigham's VizWiz research team had made the news yet again.  They have been featured in an article on BBC Mobile news

URCS Scores Highly in NRC Rankings

The National Research Council recently released its long-awaited Assessment of Research Doctorate Programs. On the “S” scale, which weights metrics based on their perceived importance among leaders in the field, URCS ranked between 13 and 32, nationwide, with 90% confidence.  On the “R” scale, which uses a regression model to weight the metrics, URCS ranked between 7 and 39, with 90% confidence. 

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