URCS IMAP Email Settings

How to setup an IMAP email client for your CS email account.

URCS provides IMAP service for accessing Email.
Popular IMAP email clients are Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail.app and Microsoft Outlook.

In order to use one of these full featured email clients with the URCS service you'll need to configure the application to connect to the URCS mail server.

Thunderbird settings

There are two settings an IMAP client needs. The IMAP Server setting tells the program where and how to connect to READ mail. The SMTP Server settings tells the program where and how to connect in order to SEND email.

Thunderbird IMAP server settings

Thunderbird SMTP settings

For an office workstation behind the firewall no authentication is required to send email.
If you are configuring your workstation simply set SMTP to localhost.

Port 25 is protected by the firewall so on a laptop that needs to send mail remotely from
outside the department you can connect using SMTP_AUTH.  Here are the SMTP Server settings for a mobile device that will be sending mail from outside the department.

Note that these settings are specific to URCS graduate network account holders.
Currently undergraduate account holders can access email remotely via the web at