The University of Rochester Department of Computer Science is home to cutting-edge research in artificial intelligence, computer systems, human-computer interaction, and theory of computation. We offer a PhD program, an MS degree, and BS and BA undergraduate majors.

We have 18 faculty members with primary appointments and 10 faculty members with secondary or adjunct appointments in Computer Science. There are approximately 45 students in the PhD program, 10 in the MS program, and 100 undergraduate majors. We enjoy a collaborative culture and strong ties to cognitive science, linguistics, and electrical and computer engineering. Over the past decade, a third of our PhD graduates have won tenure-track faculty positions, and our alumni include leaders at major research laboratories such as Google, Microsoft, and IBM.

We are highly ranked by the National Research Council (NRC) in its recently released Assessment of Research Doctorate Programs. On the "S" scale, which weights metrics based on their perceived importance among leaders in the field, URCS was in the 9th equivalence group of PhD granting departments; the "R" scale re-weighted the quantitative measures using a regression formula based on perceived reputations of institutions. On the "R" scale, URCS was in the 11th equivalence group.

Our research strengths:

The graduate experience:

2014 Deadlines: January 15 (Ph.D.), February 15 (M.S.)