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Kai Shen

Kai Shen

  • Research Associate Professor of Computer Science

PhD, California, Santa Barbara

714 CSB
(585) 275-5426


Research Overview

My research interests fall into the broad area of computer systems. A principal share of my research has targeted the software system support for concurrent servers.  It started at around 2000 with my development of the Neptune server clustering middleware, which was deployed as the online software backbone for thousands of servers at the web search engine It has continued to the present day (2013), with my most recent work of the fine-grained power modeling and power virus containment on multicore servers. A dominant theme of my work has been to recognize the complexity of modern computer systems and then develop principled approaches to understand, characterize, and manage such complexities. In particular, I have strong interests in the cross-layer work of developing the software system solution to support emerging hardware or address hardware issues.