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The instructions below were read aloud to all subjects at the appropriate times. The experimenter also told the subjects that she would only answer questions about the locations of items. There are three parts to this study, and I am going to give you instructions for each part as we come to it.


Each of you has a paper with a description of a task on it, a map, and some other information on the table in front of you. I want you to pretend that you work at an emergency control center, and this is an emergency you have just been told about. You should make the best plan you can to solve the task. You may write on the paper or the map. I will not answer questions, except about the locations of roads, so if there is some information you think is missing make a reasonable guess or estimate and write it down. I will give you ten minutes to work on the task. We do not expect you to complete your plan in that time, just try your best.


Now I want you to pretend that control of this emergency has been passed to another center, and you need to discuss your plan with the person at the other center who will be handling it. I want you to pretend that you are the person at the other center. Your and your coworker should collaborate to finalize the plan. Feel free to ask questions and suggest corrections or alterations to improve the plan. When the discussion is over, you should summarize the plan for your coworker.


One of these extra problems was read orally to the subjects at the end of each dialogue if there was time. Now there is a new aspect to the task. I want you and your coworker to collaborate to modify your plan on the basis of this new information. Task 1: 2 people at end of 590 become ill also. None of the ill people are on stretchers. OR One schoolbus has broken down, so instead two vans are being sent; each holds ten people. Task 2: There are two more injured people at the airport, one on a stretcher and one not. OR There is a report of an injury on Jefferson at the river. Task 3: There is a road out at Jefferson at the river. OR There is a road out on 15 between Elmwood and 15A. Task 4: There is a person on Brooks Ave. with pneumonia who needs transport to the hospital as soon as possible. OR There is a road out on 15 between Elmwood and 15A. Task 5: One of the snow plows broke down. OR There is a person on Browncroft Blvd who needs to be transported to the hospital. Task 6: New trees down reported at East River Rd. before 252 and on 33A in West Chili. OR New tree down at Elmwood Ave. at South Clinton. Task 7: 1 more injured at the mobile home park, on a stretcher. OR New tree down at Rte. 33A at Howard Rd. Task 8: 1 more injured at Culver, on a stretcher. OR New fire on S. Clinton.

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