Introductions and Interests (approximate!)

Santiago: good background

Colin Project: .jar analyzer

Narupa: Chess!

Ben: Mechanical System control

Thomas: bkgd w/ 1st Robotics and web programming

Amseram ? (can't read my writing) Computer to help organize and describe complex systems. (like Colin?)

Brad: AI and linguistics, Project: Chatbot.

Ben: Prior experience with IT org: Proj. an inventory system for computers, to be used by management.

Hayden: Google maps (for campus?)

Jacob: apps, natural language, musical instrument simulation, engineering.

Aaron: AI, reverse engineering

Stephen: Graphics, AI and Graphics

Shuchin lots of ideas, microcontrollers, quadcopter and blimp...

Shir: theory

Joel: Project idea: optimize Javascript in new ways

Jacob: wants a project with lasting impact and users.

Noah: Filesharing

Edward Music, analytical music files

Alex: Google maps for UR campus

James: Optics major: Rendering for graphics, machine learning.

Brandon: microcontrollers and motion sensing

Forgive inaccuracies in above list: students should begin back-channel comms, refining ideas, counting heads. How encourage that? BB discussion groups? private email lists? googlegroups???

Friday a brainstorming day, try to come up with about 7 -10 projects (at 4 people each 7 is a minimum, yes?!).


CB's Putative Project Categories

  1. Visualizing and Organizing Complex Systems
    -- .jar files
    -- Scheduling
    -- (Computer) inventories
    -- Filesharing
  2. Games
    -- Video
    -- Board (chess)
  3. Embedded systems
    -- Smart house, motion, temperature sensing, remote control
    -- Robots (e.g. blimp)
    -- Reverse engg?
  4. Web Programming
    -- Optimizing Javascript
    -- Reverse engg?
  5. AI
    -- Nat. Lang. Understanding: Chatbot
    -- Other NLU Apps
    -- Machine learning
  6. Geog. Info. Systems
    -- GoogleMaps and UR Campus
  7. Music
    -- Analysis (genre, name-that-tune, filtering, effects...)
    -- Synthesis (micro-tone scales, new timbres (instruments), modeling existing instruments (ukelele? ocarina?), composition (fractals, random, natural data, new instruments).
    -- Soundtrack for animated video (see below)
  8. Graphics
    -- And AI: smart game mods? e.g. Quagents
    -- Visualization and intelligent agents (W. Gibson meets TRAINS?)
    -- Visualizing big data (VISTA Collaboratorium, Gd. floor Carlson)
    -- make Animated video
    -- Rendering ( 173 Raytracing Project?)
  9. Theory
    -- CS200 type project (Lane Hemaspaandra Advisor)

Last update: 90/10/14: CB