Time: noon to 1:00 pm
Date: 15th of August, Friday. 
Location: CSB 606 (ROC HCI Lab)

Title: Public Speaking with Real-Time Feedback

Description: Using Google Glass to provide speakers with real-time feedback on their
voice modulation during a live speech

Presenter: Emy Lin (Junior, CS), Graduate Mentor: Iftekhar Tanveer

Title: Need based haptic feedback for the Blind, and a empathetic competition to
encourage everyone to workout, a joint study

Description: Developing assistive technology for the blind, MIDAS touch allows users
to feel and touch images drawn on screen in free space.

Title: BURN, a novel implementation of empathetic and competitive motivation encourages
users to exercise in a variety locations such as waiting for class, in the
workplace, or even in line for a cup of coffee.

Presenter: Alex Wilson (Senior, CS) & Morgan Sinko (Junior, CS), Graduate Mentor:
Taylan Sen

Title: ROC Conferencing: practice negotiation skills in the Browser and get
Automated Feedback

Description: A novel web-based platform for negotiation research and a prospective
tool for negotiators.
Presenter: Anis Kallel (Sophomore, CS), Graduate Mentor: Kazi Islam

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