Other People's Projects

Ideally, who cares? Ideally, you already have more ideas than you have time to follow up and are committed to and enthusiastic about Your (Team's) Own Thing.

But knowledge is power, and it pays to know what's going on in your chosen culture, so here are some references dug up pretty much at random.

UR Organizations

  1. RocHack . Student-organized, aimed at producing fun and useful programs. My favorite: the shuttle bus locator project. How would your project relate to RocHack? Find out!
  2. RocHCI . The CS Department's Human-Computer Interaction research page. Courses, funded research, at least two professors and a handful of graduate students. Undergrads employed and involved. Here are brief descriptions of some Project Presentations, Aug. 15, 2014 .
  3. BioMedical Engg. I don't know what's going on next door, but BME students do lots of real-world cyber-mechanical device-making. There's a Hajim-wide UG research poster session every year, but maybe you can find out more by investigating BME's site.

Off The Web

Found by simple Googling for student projects in general. Google is a place to start to find out what's been done on any particular topic you may be considering, also.

  1. Catalogs of Apps for various platforms. Wise to check whether Your Idea is already a product. No further advice or pointers from me, I don't do apps, but there seem to be a lot of them.
  2. The Arduino is popular with robotics and other embedded computing people: For example, User Projects
  3. Code for a Cause: seems to be annual 2-week HackaThon. Can't quickly find a master list of projects: this is possibly one company's projects?
  4. Google Summer of Code: here are some projects from summer 2014.
  5. RIT has a goodly number of industry-sponsored projects . Probably nice work if you can get it.
  6. Large lists of final year projects for BS in Engg, IT, Other... Nevon (India?).
  7. Googling for "software engineering project ideas" gets stuff like this from Rutgers

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