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The paltry web resources listed here are probably the tip of the iceberg. They're simply what comes up first in Google.

The books listed here should be on reserve at Carlson Library. If they're not, sorry. Please tell me about it for next year but it may be too late to help this year. There are probably others in the stacks, or you could buy whatever you want.

There are book chapters and other goodies on the electronic reserves for 173.

CSC 173: Extra and Alternative Readings

Previous Version of Course

The previous version of the CSC173 Course Page (2006) may have some goodies I haven't copied over. Especially check out the lecture notes.

Formal Languages and Automata Theory

C Language

Scanning, Parsing




  • Prolog by Example, by Coelho and Cotta. This is a daunting book, not as helpful as I'd like, full of misprints, but still worth a peruse for inspiration if nothing else...

    Propositional and Predicate Calculus

    Nothing much out there it seems.... web points to R&N.

    Functional Programming


    These next two are technically available from the University's library as well. Thanks to Eric Meinhardt 173 '09.

    Lambda Calculus

    The main reading is the material in BB's course content area.

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