Current Grammar

Just a reminder; the grammar file is domain/grammar-2. The letters X, Y and Z are replaced with the names of grammatical categories wherever they occur.

The grammatical categories used are:

See the parser for a quick review of X-bar theory.

Specifier Rules
XP -> XSpec X' (selects an appropriate specifier)
XP -> X' (has an empty specifier)
Adjunct Rules
X' -> AP X' (adjectival modifier)
X' -> N' X' (nominal modifier)
X' -> X' PP (prepositional modifier)
Complement Rules
X' -> X YP (phrasal complement)
X' -> X (empty complement)
Ditransitive Complements
V' -> V DComp (verb with ditransitive complement)
DComp -> NP XP (nominal recipient, any object)
DComp -> XP PP (prepositional recipient, any object)
Specifier Types
NSpec -> D (determiner)
AuxSpec -> NP (subject of a sentence)
Phrasal Words
NP -> NPword (actually, <NP> -> NP)
PP -> PPword (actually, <PP> -> PP)
AuxP -> AuxPword (actually, <AuxP> -> AuxP)
AuxP Missing Head
Aux' -> XP (used when tense is part of the verb)