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Students! You do NOT need to make a version of quake, and you should not do it! It's too big. Use the pre-compiled one prepared by over the years by TAs Sloan, Proscia, and Bhole. Read all about How To at Getting Going With Quagents.

Otherwise, Quagent docs, including "how to create your own bots", are now kept centrally at URCS's research/quagents page.

Resources there include overview of the Quagent's properties and world, details on the Quagent Communications Protocol, some details of the Quagent configuration file, and examples and tutorials for Quagent programming.

Thanks to Karl and Rintaro, 242 '10, here is a set of hints, tips, and things to look out for .

Some Recent Quagent Improvements

Here's a patch for quagent_funcs.c to avoid displaying the player's gun after a cameraon/cameraoff sequence (commented with sdl).

Code Patch

Quagents in Lisp!

Thanks to Tyler Greeen (2006), here is a how-to for Lisp quagent programming --- why not use the noblist of all programming languages?

Quagents in Python, Matlab, Prolog...

From Simon Levy at Tulane: I continue to use your great Quagents videogame platform in my teaching, and hopefully soon research too. In addition to the Python API I mentioned, I've written one in XSB Prolog and (because I'm getting interested in machine learning) one in Matlab/Octave:

New Client

Jess Documents

You'll need Jess Intro , which points to Getting Started with Jess.

Other Info (poss. out of date)

This may still around, may not be too helpful: On line Quake II documentation about the regular form of the game, something about how the code is organized, and a tutorial on console commands, is available on the CSUG server at /u/cs242/quake/docs/.

On line examples for Jess and Quagent control is available on the CSUG server at /u/cs242/quake/src/examples.

Other Links

  1. Links to Quake, Games, Intelligent Agents, etc.
  2. Ideas for Quagent Extensions and Improvements
  3. Android for sale!
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