Textbook Exercises: Artificial Intelligence: CSC 242

The keys EX1, EX2... correspond to the entries in the syllabus. Some exercises may have their own links, others appear here directly. Chapter RN3 means Chapter 3 of Russell and Norvig.

In general it's a good idea to go through all the exercises in RN for the current chapter to make sure you feel comfortable with them. On the other hand, sometimes the problems are not directly from the chapter, and may require a little outside reading. If you are frustrated by a problem, see the Prof. or a TA. A list of exercises in parentheses like this: (1.9 -- 1.13) means work any one of the exercises in the list. [Square Brackets] mean "work any two". You can do extra problems if you like. Make sure we know which ones they are. If there is a lot of prose in your answers (as opposed to math), consider using a text-processor! Write mathematics correctly -- if in doubt see the Homework and writing tools helper page.

New in 2009. The Homework Korner might be insulting, might be helpful: feel free to let me know.

New in 2010. We probably have a mix of 2nd and 3rd edition texts in class, so we now have (basically the same) exercises differently numbered in the two editions. Be sure you pick the right one.