Assignments: Mobile Robotics CSC 290 (Spring 1998)


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Assignments and Exercises

Simulation. Work in your group. Due Tuesday 19 Sept Start of Class There will be public demos.

Elementary Circuits: just some exercises from Halliday and Resnick on Kirchoff's laws, RC circuits, Ohm's law, etc. Do the black-marked excercises. You may work in your group but there may be a quiz. Due Tuesday 26 Sept Start of Class

Tutebot: From a kit of electronic parts and a pile of Lego parts, plus whatever mechanical or electronic bits and expertise was available to the groups, the job is to build a robot that executes simple behavior reliably. Right out of the textbook (Jones and Flynn). Due Tuesday 10 Oct Start of Class . Bring your robot and your writeup to class.

Linear Systems. Here is the C code mentioned in the assignment. There is also a (*gasp*) Hardcopy Handout that is part of the homework. Fig. 9.2 is of course the mass-spring-friction system that appears in class notes about a dozen times. You may work in your group or individually. Due Tuesday 24 Oct. Start of Class


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