Scientific Reporting: Mobile Robotics CSC 290 (Fall 2000)



The purpose of a scientific paper is to report results in a way that they can be completely understood, and if possible, duplicated by someone with adequate knowledge and equipment. Ideally, to be publishable it establishes some new fact or hypothesis. Practically, one usually motivates the questions and shows why the results are important. Adequate reference to prior work is necessary (since you don't want to repeat old work or appear ignorant of current work, especially any work of the people refereeing or reading your paper).

You can get an idea for the general structure of a paper from looking at some. In certain fields the format is pretty standard, but presumably there's always room for some innovation or formal creativityas long as the story gets told.

The sort of things your readers want to know for a paper with a theoretical and experimental componenent are naturally organized something like this (some sections may be irrelevant for some reports).

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