CSC 290A Cryptology: E7 El Gamal Etc.

The ++ Part

This part is not optional, it's part of the assignment; it's just not directly related to the El Gamal part below. Using your previous RSA code and experience, do the two "computer problems" from Trappe, section 9.7; numbers 2 and 3.

El Gamal

Implement an El Gamal crypto scheme and exchange messages with another classmate. You should use whatever you can from prior assignments, such as primality tests, whatever. In particular, messages can be strings of identical digits. Also implement an El Gamal signature scheme (cf. 9.2 and exercise 9.6 number 4). Working with your correspondent, demonstrate that it works.

What to hand in

As usual, code, README, and thorough explanation of your methods and demonstration of your results. We need to believe you understand and have tested and demonstrated your systems.


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