CSC 290 Cryptology E1: Aristocrats

The Problem

You've been handed some aristocrat cryptograms (simple substitution, word divisions and punctuation preserved). At this point we have not discussed how to solve these in class. Solve them anyway, making some legible notes about the methods you used, looked up, invented, or think might be useful.

If you start feeling that a computer might be useful, go ahead, but you may want to look ahead to Exercise E3 first.

Your solution might be a sequential story like:

There are two single-letter words, which are probably "A" and "I". If I make these substitutions, this four-letter word would then have to be xAIy or xIAy, so I'm betting on the former assignment.... [and you're off and running].

If you are in the spirit of this course, you won't look at this straightforward common-sense Sample Solution to an aristocrat cipher until you've done your own solutions.

Also, thanks to Randal Nelson, here is a whole passel of aristocrats to play with in your copious spare time. Feel free to substitute them for your handed-out ones if you get stuck.

Now for this next you may want to wait for problem E3... Here's a challenge from Greg Rubin (from 2004 course), ho submits what he swears is an aristocrat that is immensely long and therefore should be easy. He says it's hard. Hint: it's a poem. The Rubin Challenge. Good luck!

What To Hand In

Bring your solutions, notes, and thoughts to class.


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