CSC 290: Cryptology -- Links

There are many many exciting crypto links. Every time I go out I find more... when you find some goodies, pass them on.



There may more, but there are at least sci.crypt, sci.crypt.research, sci.crypt.random-numbers, talk.politics.crypto. For now, here is a link to (most of the) Frequently Asked Questions on sci.crypt. ---


If you find a book or have a favorite, please pass it along. I'm putting new things here that may not be in other bibliographies yet.


Newsletters Downloaded

CRYPTO-GRAM is published monthly by Counterpane. You can subscribe, but here are the issues I have. Also if anyone can tell me how to make the multitudinous links work, please tell me. The way things are you are probably better off downloading or reading from your browser. Enjoy! ---


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