CSC 290: Student Projects 2003

Check here before picking a topic! There are some inspirational and also cautionary stories here...

All files are PDF except for one PPT and one HTML.

  • Cramer-Shoup Encryption Paper and Cramer-Shoup Encryption Examples
  • Chaum's Voter Verification Scheme
  • Understanding and Implementing Elliptic Curve Ciphers
  • Cracking Enigma (PPT) ...AND... Cracking Enigma (HTML)
  • Comparison of Factoring Techniques
  • An Encrypted Chat Server using RSA
  • MD5 and an attempted attack.
  • Spam Detection
  • Attacking Substitution Ciphers with Genetic Algorithms
  • Two Varieties of Secure Sockets
  • The NitNat Cipher Solved!
  • Invent your own Stream Cipher!?
  • Persecution of Crypto Hacker.
  • Yet another encrypted chat server.


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