7 Content-Addressable Memory
    Content-addressable memories are nicely motivated in this chapter and illustrated in terms of two important types of neural networks: Hopfield and Kanerva memories. After conceptually introducing both these memories, Hopfield networks are presented and discussed in terms of stability. This type of content-addressable memory is illustrated through a simple example involving the retrieval of entries in a phone book. In the next section in this chapter Kanerva memories, which unlikely Hopfield networks can be auto or heteroassociative, are motivated and introduced in a particularly careful fashion. The implementation and performance of these memories are also nicely discussed and illustrated.
    The two last sections in this chapter cover radial basis functions and Kalman filtering in about one page and a half. Needless to say this will very likely not be enough to properly familiarize the novice reader with these importante topics, specially Kalman filtering, which is itself difficult to be properly motivated and described even in books wholy dedicated to this subject.