To verify that the system is capable of recognition, we sampled the gaits of six people using the apparatus depicted below.

Experimental Apparatus

A camera fixed on a tripod points towards a fixed non-reflecting static background. Subjects walk in a circular path such that on one side of the path they pass through the field of view of the camera and pass behind the camera on the other side. Only one subject is in the field of view at any one time. The subjects walk this path for about 15 minutes while the images are recorded on video tape.

Later, we digitize sequences for the six subjects. We discard the first two or three passes for each person and digitize seven sequences for each subject (42 sequences total).

Images from the tape are digitized in 24-bit color at a resolution of 640 by 480 pixels. We resample and crop the images to get black and white images with 320 by 160 pixels.

Click to view an example sequence for each of the six subjects:

Download the complete data set.

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