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ISSN 1089-2788

Volume 1 · Number 4

Winter 2000


Computer Vision Systems
by Henrik I. Christensen and James L. Crowley
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Active Knowledge-Based Scene Analysis
by D. Paulus, U. Ahlrichs, B. Heigl, J. Denzler, J. Hornegger,
M. Zobel, H. Niemann
[ Abstract ]   [ 1.2MB PDF ]

Integrating Vision-Based Behaviors with an Autonomous Robot
by Christian Schlegel, Jörg Illmann, Heiko Jaberg,
Matthias Schuster, and Robert Wörz
[ Abstract ]   [ 2.9MB PDF ]

Integration of Vision and Speech Understanding Using Bayesian Networks
by Sven Wachsmuth, Gudrun Socher, Hans Brandt-Pook, Franz Kummert,
and Gerhard Sagerer
[ Abstract ]   [ 1MB PDF ]

ADORE: Adaptive Object Recognition
by Bruce A. Draper, Jose Bins, and Kyungim Baek
[ Abstract ]   [ 534k PDF ]


An Introduction to Natural Computation
by Dana H. Ballard
Reviewed by Luciano da Fontoura Costa and Luís Augusto Consularo
[ Review ]

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