Quiz1(16) min:0 median:9 max:16
Quiz2(18) min:0 median:7.5 max:13

HW1(50) min:35 median:47.5 max:55
HW2(50) min:0 median:41 max:49
HW3(50) min:0 median:42.3 max:50
HW4(50) min:33.6 median:44.55 max:50
HW5(45) min:22.5 median:37.9 max:42.5 (190B)
HW5(50) min:0 median:43.7 max:47 (290B)

Written homework assignments

Late homeworks will be accepted but you will lose 10% of the grade per day excluding Sundays (i.e., from Friday to Monday is 2 days late, not 3). Under extenuating circumstances, the penalty could be waived but you must have permission from the professor.

Written assignments should be left in my mailbox in the Computer Science mail room (CSB737) before the deadline. The room is locked after 5:00 pm. If the room is locked early, slip the homework under the door of MY OFFICE (CSB630). Of course, if I am in the office, you can hand it to me.

Email address: my_last_name AT cs DOT rochester DOT edu