CSC 577 Homework 1

Due Date: Thu Jan 29

Your assignment is to implement IBM Model 1, as decribed in the paper The Mathematics of Statistical Machine Translation, training parameters using Expectation Maximization on a parallel French-English corpus, and evaluating the results on held-out test data in terms of model perplexity. In particular, your implementation should include:

Training data can be found here: /p/mt/corpora/hansard. This directory contains parallel French-English text from the Canadian Parliament. Both sides (French and English) have been run through a tokenizer (to, for example, split off punctuation from words).

One of the goals of this assignment is get familiar with some of the issues involved in working with large corpora, in particular smoothing and pruning. It is a good idea to floor all probabilities at a low number, say 1e-07, to avoid numerical problems as well as dead-ends in the EM training. Similarly, you may need to "prune" low-valued parameters in order to make memory usage and file sizes manageable.

You may use any programming language, but please start from scratch! Please turn in: