Computer Science 248/448


Fall 2013

Homework 1, Due Fri 9/6 5pm
Homework 2, Due Tu 9/10 3:25pm
Homework 3, Due Th 9/12 3:25pm
Homework 4, Due Tu 10/1 3:25pm
Homework 5, Due Tu 10/8 3:25pm
Homework 6, Due Tu 11/19 3:25pm
Write a CFG parser for the Penn Treebank using the data in /u/cs{2,4}48/data/parse. The training phase should: The parser should: Use this script to evaluate your parser output:
/u/cs448/evalb/evalb gold-file test-file
Plot accuracy vs. time as you vary the beam size.
Homework 6, Due Tu 11/26 3:25pm
Implement EM and Viterbi for IBM model 1. Train/test on the data in /u/cs{2,4}48/data/mt. Plot likelihood as a function of iteration number on train and test.

gildea @ cs rochester edu
November 19, 2013