Bugs and the TIFF Mailing List

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This software is free. The only thing that I ask in return is that you tell me when you find a problem or fix a bug. I also gladly accept software contributions, although I hesitate to include such software in my regular stuff if I am personally unable to test it.

A mailing list for users of this software is located on sgi.com. If you want to join this mailing list or have a list-related request such as getting your name removed from it, send a request to

For example, to subscribe, send the line in the body of your message. The line help will return a list of the commands understood by the mailing list management software.

Submissions (including bug reports) should be directed to:

When corresponding about this software please always specify what version you have and what system you are running on.

If all else fails, I can be reached by sending mail to the address shown below. (but beware that I'm more likely to respond to mail sent to the mailing list than mail sent directly to me).

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