Coltsfoot. Tussilago farfara.
Asteraceae, the daisy, sunflower or composite family.

Plant: Solitary, dandelion-like flowers on stems to about 12", emerging in early spring before the leaves.
Flowers: Yellow, dandelion-like, about 1", with many rays. Solitary heads on stems with scale-like bracts that emerge well before the leaves.
Leaves: Basal, heart-shaped to round, emerging only after flowering, and enlarging throughout the season to 2"-6".
Fruit: A small achene attached to silky hairs that initially form a spherical puff.
Blooming: April-May
Habitat: Fields, roadsides, disturbed areas

Comments: One of the first flowers to appear in spring. The flowering stalks that emerge, flower, and go to seed well before the main leaves appear are unusual feature. This introduced Eurasian species was traditionally used as a remedy for coughs, either in an extract of fresh leaves, a tea made from dried leaves, or as hard candy to which an extract has been added.

Where to find it: One patch on the far east end of the pond on the south side.