English Daisy

English Daisy
English Daisy. Bellis perenis.
Asteraceae, the daisy, sunflower, or composite family.

Plant: Small, white or pinkish, daisy-like flower heads on slender stems rise singly from low basal cluster of leaves. Perennial.
Flowers: Daisy-like heads about 3/4" across, with 40-60 white, sometimes pink-tipped rays, and yellow centers. Stems slender, slightly hairy. Involucral bracts hairy, not vertically overlapping (not imbricated).
Leaves: Basal, simple, rounded to spoon-shaped, often toothed.
Blooming: April-June
Habitat: Lawns, low weedy sites.

Comments: A European import, as the common name suggests. In England it is known simply as Common or Lawn Daisy. This is a common, early spring flower in lawns. It is sometimes considered a weed.

Where to find it: Lawn areas of the park.