Common Quickweed

Common Quickweed
Common Quickweed. Galinsoga quadriradiata.
Asteraceae, the daisy, sunflower or composite family.

Plant: Low, somewhat hairy plant, 6"-2', with opposite leaves and loose clusters of tiny white flower heads. Annual.
Flowers: Tiny 1/4" heads with five white rays, each with two notches (sometimes one), and a yellow center of disk flowers. Flowers in loose, few-flowered, leafy clusters (cymes).
Leaves: Opposite, lower leaves ovate and coarsely toothed, ones at base of flowers lanceolate, both are somewhat hairy.
Fruit: Dry and seed-like (an achene)
Blooming: August-October
Habitat: Edges of woods, weedy places, clearings.

Comments: Widely distributed in temperate climates, probably native to Mexico.

Where to find it: I have found this plant on the narrow strip between the parking lot and the woods.