Bellflower (species?)

Bellflower (species?)
Bellflower. Campanula sp. rapunculoides?
Campanulaceae, the bellflower family.

Plant: A slender, smooth stem bears light violet, bell-shaped flowers 1"-1.5" wide along an upright stem with sparse, narrow, toothed leaves. 1'-2' high overall. Perennial.
Flowers: Light violet, bell-shaped, with five shallow lobes, 1"-1.5", on short stems arising from leaf axils. Stigma divided into three parts (sometimes 4).
Leaves: Very narrowly ovate to linear, toothed, stemless, to 4" long.
Fruit: A dry capsule about 1/2" long.
Blooming: July-August
Habitat: Disturbed fields, roadsides, waste ground.

Comments: The pictured flower is some species of non-native bellflower; it is similar to the widely naturalized creeping bellflower (C. rapunculoides) but does not seem to match exactly. Possibly some other escaped European import.

Where to find it: I have found this flower in only one location, a depression on the east boundary of the park near the professional buildings.