Thyme-leafed Sandwort

Thyme-leafed Sandwort
Thyme-leafed Sandwort. Arenaria serpyllifolia.
Caryophyllaceae, the pink family.

Plant: Low, delicate, spreading plant, 2"-12", with rough stems and leaves, and tiny, white, star-shaped flowers. Annual.
Flowers: Tiny, white, star-shaped, about 1/8", with five petals, five sharply sepals that exceed the petals in length. Flowers are borne in a loose, leafy cluster (a cyme).
Leaves: Opposite, ovate, pointed, sessile, 1/8"-1/4" long, with hairs along the margin.
Fruit: A dry capsule.
Blooming: June-July
Habitat: Dry, sandy, open locations.

Comments: One of several sandworts, this one has extremely small flowers.

Where to find it: I have found this plant in only one location, under one of the small trees at the end of the entrance road. It may well occur elsewhere, but is so inconspicuous as to be difficult to find.