Grape Hyacinth

Grape Hyacinth
Grape Hyacinth. Muscari botryoides.
Hyacinthaceae, the hyacinth family.

Plant: Familiar spring garden flower with compact, grape-like clusters of small, blue, globular flowers and basal, grass-like leaves all rising 4"-8" from an underground bulb. Perennial.
Flowers: Blue, with united perianth forming almost closed, globular blossoms, with six, small lobes about the opening, about 1/8" in diameter, clustered in a compact, conical or cylindrical raceme at the top of a long stalk.
Leaves: Basal, linear, grasslike, about 1/4" wide, to about 8" long, and broadly grooved.
Fruit: A capsule.
Blooming: April-May
Habitat: Fields, roadsides, around old homesteads.

Comments: A familiar spring garden flower, naturalized from Europe. These are probably an escaped horticultural variety derived from M. botryoides.

Where to find it: In the grassy area between the entrance road and the drainage ditch, and scattered other locations.