Common Speedwell

Common Speedwell
Common Speedwell. Veronica officinalis.
Plantaginaceae, the plantain family, formerly Scrophulariaceae, the figwort family.

Plant: Low, downy-hairy, prostrate plant, to 12" long, with small, blue and white striped flowers in spike-like racemes arising from the leaf axils. Common in lawns and gardens. Perennial.
Flowers: Light blue to white with darker blue stripes, 1/4", with four unequal petals, the lower one being slightly narrower than the other three, and two stamens. Flowers in spikelike racemes arising from the leaf axils.
Leaves: Opposite, short-stalked, elliptic to ovate or sometimes obovate, 3/4"-3/2", toothed, densely hairy.
Blooming: May-July
Habitat: Fields, lawns, gardens, open woods.

Comments: A common lawn weed, both native and naturalized varieties are common.

Where to find it: Not common in the park compared to other speedwells. I have found on top of the rise on the east side of the ballfield.