Corn Speedwell

Corn Speedwell
Corn Speedwell. Veronica arvensis.
Plantaginaceae, the plantain family, formerly Scrophulariaceae, the figwort family.

Plant: Small, hairy, ascending plant, to 12", with tiny, deep blue flowers in the leaf axils. Overwintering annual.
Flowers: Deep blue, tiny,1/8", with four unequal petals, the lower one being narrower than the other three, and two stamens. Flowers without stalks, borne singly in the leaf axils.
Leaves: Alternate, with some opposite tendency, ovate to narrowly ovate, 1/4"-1/2", entire, practically sessile, and hairy.
Blooming: April-June
Habitat: Lawns, fields, waste areas.

Comments: A lawn weed, introduced from Europe. The generally pure blue, tiny, stalkless flowers distinguish this plant from other speedwells, many of which tend to be striped. The plant has a more erect/ascending habit than some other common lawn speedwells.

Where to find it: Scattered park lawn boundary areas.