CSC 191/291
Machines and Consciousness

Psyche's Dream, Josephine Wall (c.2000)
Spring 2017

Course Description

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Len Schubert, 733 CSB, email: "last name"at"cs."etc".
Class time and location: Tue. and Thu. 11:05-12:20 pm, CSB 601
Office hours Tue. and Thu. 4:50-5:50 pm, or by appointment (send e-mail).
TAs: Gene Kim, CSB 615, email: "first initial""last name""21"@cs.etc.
Office hours: 12:00-1:30pm Mon. & 5:00-6:30pm Wed.
Course web page
Shuchen Wu, email: "first initial""last name""32"@u.etc.


This provides a detailed (but tentative) schedule and readings.


Gridworld Projects:

Basic Gridworld Code
Multiple Agents Gridworld Code
Multiple Agents Gridworld Code, with Randomized Runs

The Gridworld infrastructure code is at these links.

R. Daneel 2, David Works

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