Schedule for CSC 200, Spring 2004 (Tentative)

The following is my current guess as to the schedule for class this spring. It will evolve; check back often.

Class Session Topic Reading Assignments

Thurs. Jan. 15 Introduction, pictures, brainstorming of research topics
Tues. Jan. 20 SPAM: history, email infrastructure, spammer tools A Brief History of Spam; Fooling and Poisoning Adaptive Spam Filters web pointers;
surveys (Wed.)
Thurs. Jan. 22 Technical and social countermeasures Understanding and Preventing SPAM; The Folly of Antispam Legislation spam writeups
Tues. Jan. 27 Wild and crazy ideas be prepared to speak
Thurs. Jan. 29 Wild and crazy ideas (cont.)
Tues. Feb. 3 Wild and crazy ideas (cont.)
Thurs. Feb. 5 Library resources:
Librarian Diane Cass, Guest speaker
Visit the UR libraries on line:
home page; course resources and reserves; subject resources > Computer Science
presentation summaries
Tues. Feb. 10 Spam contest spam mail, code (prev. Sun.);
challenges (prev. Mon.)
Thurs. Feb. 12 DMCA quiz;
File sharing debate
The Digital Millenium Copyright Act (optionally, see related resources at Educause)
Mon. Feb. 16 RIAA forum Hoyt auditorium 8:00 pm
Tues. Feb. 17 RIAA/DMCA:
Provost Charles Phelps, Guest speaker
What's at Stake in MGM v. Grokster? File sharing papers
Thurs. Feb. 19 GPG quiz;
Revising the DMCA
NSF Grant Proposal Guide
Mon. Feb. 23 Computer Security:
Hao Chen, URCS Faculty recruiting candidate
CSB 209 11:00 am
Tues. Feb. 24 Computer Security:
Liudy Bukys, URCS Research Scientist and former Assoc. Vice Provost for Computing, Guest speaker
Thurs. Feb. 26 NSF Grants Scott synchronization proposal; Nelson/Dwarkadas “voluble environment” proposal ITRUG proposals
Tues. Mar. 2 Grant review panels (in class) proposal rankings (by 6:00 am); 500-word summary of Bukys lecture (email to TA [or to Prof. if taking course for writing credit] by class time)
Thurs. Mar. 4 Brainstorming end-of-semester projects

Mar. 8-12 Spring Break (no class)

Tues. Mar. 16 OS research: Prof. Scott
Thurs. Mar. 18 Presentations of project proposals written proposal (one per group)
Tues. Mar. 23 Theory research:
Prof. Lane Hemaspaandra, Guest speaker
Scott summary
Thurs. Mar. 25 Computer architecture research:
Prof. Sandhya Dwarkadas, Guest speaker
Tues. Mar. 30 Neural computation research:
Prof. Dana Ballard, Guest speaker
Hemaspaandra summary
Thurs. Apr. 1 Project progress reports Dwarkadas summary
Tues. Apr. 6 Project progress reports Ballard summary
Thurs. Apr. 8 Datamining research:
Prof. Mitsunori Ogihara, Guest speaker
Tues. Apr. 13 Natural language research:
Prof. Daniel Gildea, Guest speaker
Thurs. Apr. 15 [Computer vision research:
Prof. Randal Nelson, Guest speaker]
CANCELLED Ogihara summary
Tues. Apr. 20 final project reports Gildea summary
Thurs. Apr. 22 final project reports, course evaluations
Tues. Apr. 27 final project reports

Fri. Apr. 30 final written project reports due (email to professor; one per group)

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