Wild and Crazy Research

We will spend Jan. 27 and 29, and possibly Feb. 3, on 5-minute research proposals. Specifically, you will have up to 5 minutes to present an idea, with up to 5 minutes for feedback from your peers. Your proposal should not be for something you would actually do this semester. Rather, it should be for something you think would be both enjoyable and scientifically interesting to pursue if you had the time and resources to do so. Think in terms of what one might propose to the National Science Foundation or other federal agency (see on-line resources). It should have a strong CS component, but may involve other fields as well. It does not necessarily need to be something that you could sell to a venture capitalist: think research, not development; advancement of knowledge, not necessarily economic gain.

We'll choose the order of presentations by chance.

Later in the semester we will develop formal written research proposals based on NSF guidelines. Your “wild and crazy idea” may evolve into one of these, but it doesn't necessarily have to.

Try to think big. Your proposal should have some genuine merit, but feel free to have some fun.


By NOON on Thursday, Feb. 5, send email to the TA containing (in plain ascii format)

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