Using the Turn-in Script

The turn-in script will recursively copy all files and subdirectories of your current directory to a location accessible only to the instructor and TAs.  Please avoid running it in your home directory or any other directory that contains files irrelevant to the current project.  For any problems while using it please contact the TA via email or, better yet, posting to the discussion group (sending the script’s output will help).

You may turn-in your project as many times as you need.  However, only the last submission before the deadline will be graded.  DO NOT FORGET to submit a README.pdf file with your code.  Be sure so include your name and e-mail address in this file, and to follow all assignment-specific instructions on additional content.  Keep in mind that your goal is to tell the TAs everything they need to know to give you the best possible grade, so err on the side of completeness.  If there are known bugs, document them; otherwise we’ll assume you didn’t know they were there. 


On the research (cs) network, the script is /u/cs458/bin/turnin.  On the teaching (csug) network, it’s /u/cs258/bin/turnin (even if you’re an MS student).  On either network:

  1. Go to the directory that contains all the files that are related to your current project
  2. Execute the script:

Upon successful completion you will get an output of the form:

    Submission successful!
You will also receive through email a message with subject “[cs258] Submission from <your user name>” (“[cs458]” on the grad network).  The email will contain a listing of all the files you submitted along with their size and last modification date.

Please note that this email will be sent to your CS email address (<your user name> and NOT your U of R email address (<your netid>  You can forward your CS email to your U of R email by creating a .forward file in your home directory which contains your U of R email address.  For instance:

    $ echo '<your netid>' > ~/.forward
    $ cat ~/.forward
    <your netid>
where <your netid> is replaced with your actual netid.