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As of September 2013, there has been one set of updates to the PLP Third Edition—in October, 2011.  If your copy was typeset (physically or electronically) after that date, you can stop reading halfway down this page.  Otherwise, you’ll need to read to the end. 

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Thanks to Yacine Belkadi, Björn Brandenburg, Bob Cochran, Daniel Crisman, Marcelino Debajo, Chen Ding, Peter Drake, Michael Edgar, Michael Glass, Sérgio Gomes, Allan Gottlieb, Hossein Hadavi, Chris Hart, Thomas Helmuth, Wayne Heym, Scott Hoge, Max Li, Kelly Jones, Ahmed Khademzadeh, Eleazar Enrique Leal, Kyle Liddell, Annie Liu, Hao Luo, Dirk Müller, Holger Peine, Andreas Priesnitz, Mikhail Prokharau, Harsh Raju, and Jingguo Yao for their help in catching these mistakes.

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