my.Project: Individual Project Summary


This is the sort of information you'd give at a job interview: to-the-point, specific, complete, true, brief, also it will be confidential: just between you and CB.

One page at the most, I'd think.

Please describe:

  1. Your goal when you started the project
  2. Your assignment and responsibilities within the project
  3. What you did: research (what sources?), writing (for presentations, reports), coding, design, what? Also quantify what you did (pages written, functions written, presentation overheads prepared, lines of code, hours of sweat, whatever.)
  4. What you learned (science, techniques, languages, teamwork, etc.)
  5. What grade would you give yourself on your performance in the team?
  6. Anything else CB or future 172H instructor should know.


This is a BB Assignment, due 12.20.14.

As a Christmas Bonus, I'll take .doc, .docx, .pdf, .txt. I'd probably have trouble with output from 'pages'.

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