Computing Resources for CSC 173

Computers and Remote Access

The main computers for the course are the machines of the Undergraduate CS Labs in Hylan 301. These machines are currently high-end Dell PCs running Fedora 15 (kernel 2.6.38) (i.e. Red Hat Linux). Sign-up for accounts occurs the first day of class. See Marty Guenther if you missed it, or if your account is new.

The cycle servers for remote access are multiprocessors named,, and All connections from outside the department must be via ssh to the cycle machines.

If you are relatively new to Unix, there's plenty of tutorial material on the web, and maybe this introduction will help.

Students with accounts in the CS research labs may elect to work there instead, but course software will be maintained only on the CSUG network.


We use Blackboard . for general announcements and programming assignment submission. Newsgroups haven't been very popular in the past but if you want them somebody ask and we can discuss in class.


As mentioned several places, along with recommended readings in the schedule we have a set of . (See 173 How-To also).

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