CSC170: Introductory Computer Programming

Homework Assignment 1

Due: Midnight Tuesday, June 8

This homework assignment is to complete your web site. Your home page must:

Bonus Points

You can earn one bonus point if the picture on your home page is a recent passport-style photo of yourself (less than 6 months old). The grader must be able to see this by the caption under the picture. You can also earn one bonus point if your home page is based on multiple frames instead of a table. Note that even if you do the bonus work you will not receive bonus points if the standard requirements listed above have not been met.

Hand-in Procedure

Do not upload your home page and relevant other HTML and image files to your course account on until you have received your grade .
Note that directories on are scanned regularly. Any person who makes active homework files accessible to others is violating the homework requirements and forfeits their grade.