CSC170: Introductory Computer Programming

Lab 1


Use the mark-up tags you have learned to create your home page.

Warm up

Do Exercise 3.9.5

Home page

Create your home page. You should

  1. have a proper title for your page.
  2. have at least the following sections:

    ContactList you contact information
    CoursesList courses you are taking
    Favorite QuoteAny quote you like, use <blockquote>

    Use header elements for section titles. Use <p> and <br> to format the content. Use bold or italic fonts where you see appropriate.

  3. use horizontal rules to separate each section. The width of the rules should be 75% of the width of the browser window. The rules should be aligned to the left of the browser window.
  4. Pick pleasant colors for you background and text.
  5. Save your file as index.html and upload it to your public_html directory.
Keep this file. You'll need it for the next lab.