The E assignments require you to submit PDF files. Here's how you create a PDF file.

Using LaTeX on Linux

  1. Suppose you've created e1.tex, something like the following
    \title{Cracking RSA in 24 Hours}
    \author{Calvin Hobbs}
    \section{Background and Motivation}
    \section{Conclusions and Disscussion}
    latex e1.tex will give you e1.dvi, if everything's right.
  2. You can create a PDF file from the DVI file with a PostScript file as the intermediate format.
  3. dvips -Ppdf -o e1.dvi
    You'll get e1.pdf
  4. Or you can use George Ferguson's dvi2pdf script.
    /u/ferguson/bin-linux/dvi2pdf e1.dvi

Using Acrobat+Word on Windows/Macs

This page provides directions of creating PDF files using Acrobat, with which you have a virtual PDF printer called PDFWriter. Since you have this printer, you can create PDF files not just from Word, but from any word processor or text editor.

Using Word on Windows/Macs without Acrobat

If you don't have Acrobat and don't want to turn to LaTeX/Linux, here's what you do.
  1. Install any PostScript printer. You don't have to have a real printer. We just need the printer driver to create PostScript files. This page has step-by-step directions.
  2. Install Ghostscript. We will need the ps2pdf program.
  3. From Word, choose the Print... menu and select print to file. Suppose the file you just printed to is e1.prn, which is actually a PostScript file, open a command window and type
    ps2pdf e1.prn e1.pdf
    you'll have the PDF file.

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