Department of
Computer Science



Allen James

Allen, James F.

John H. Dessauer Professor of Computer Science
Professor of Linguistics
Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences | (585) 275-7263
721 CSB

Interests: Natural language understanding; Discourse; Knowledge representation; Common-sense reasoning; Planning

Chris Brown

Brown, Christopher M.

Professor Emeritus | (585) 275-7852
609 CSB

Interests: Artificial intelligence; Computer vision; Robotics

John Criswell

Criswell, John

Assistant Professor
717 Computer Sciences Building

Chen Ding

Ding, Chen

Professor of Computer Science | (585) 275-1373
710 CSB

Interests: Computer programming; Locality optimization; Memory hierarchy management; Suggestion-based program parallelization and optimization

Sandhya Dwarkadas

Dwarkadas, Sandhya

Professor and Chair, Computer Science
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering | (585) 275-5647
717 CSB

Interests: Parallel and distributed computing; Computer architecture and networks; Interaction and interface between the compiler, runtime system, and underlying architecture; Software distributed shared memory; Integrated compiler and runtime support for parallelism; Simulation methodology; Uniprocessor and multiprocessor architectures; Parallel applications development; Performance evaluation

George Ferguson

Ferguson, George

Sr. Lecturer: Associate Program Director of Computer Science Undergraduate and Master's Studies | (585) 275-5766
731 CSB

Interests: Artificial intelligence; Intelligent agents; Agent communication languages; Agent architectures; User interfaces: speech recognition, natural language understanding, dialogue, conversational agents; Temporal reasoning: representation, planning, scheduling; Semantic web: ontologies, knowledge-based systems

Daniel Gildea

Gildea, Daniel

Associate Professor of Computer Science
gildea@cs | (585) 275-7230
609 CSB

Interests: Statistical approaches to natural language processing; Machine translation; Language understanding

Philip Guo

Guo, Philip

Assistant Professor
Computer Sciences Building

Interests: Human Computer Interaction; Online Education; Software Engineering

Lane Hemaspaandra

Hemaspaandra, Lane A.

Professor of Computer Science | (585) 275-1203
618 CSB

Interests: Computational social choice (elections, preference aggregation, power indices, etc.); Counting-based computation; Probabilistic computation; Unambiguous computation; The importance of query order when accessing databases; The study of efficient algorithms for complex sets; Computational complexity theory; Complexity-theoretic aspects of security, fault-tolerance, and data compression

Ehsan Hoque

Hoque, M. Ehsan

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

mehoque at | (585) 275-1351
710 Computer Sciences Building

Interests: Human Computer Interaction; Social Skills Training; Interactive machine learning; Ubiquitous Computing ; Assistive Technology

Thomas Howard

Howard, Thomas M.

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Computer Sciences Building

Interests: Artificial intelligence; Robotics; Machine learning; Natural language understanding ; Robot motion planning; Model-predictive control; Optimization; Human-robot interaction; State estimation; Signal processing; Machine vision; Multi-robot coordination; Robotic manufacturing; Medical robotics; Autonomous exploration

Engin Ipek

Ipek, Engin

Associate Professor of Computer Science
Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering | (585) 275-5671
711 CSB

Interests: Computer architecture, with an emphasis on multicore architectures; Hardware-software interaction; The application of machine learning to computer systems

Henry Kautz

Kautz, Henry

Robin and Tim Wentworth Director of the Goergen Institute for Data Science
Professor of Computer Science | (585) 520-1200
723 CSB

Interests: Artificial intelligence; Pervasive computing; Data science


Liu, Ji

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
614 Computer Sciences Building

Jiebo Luo

Luo, Jiebo

Associate Professor of Computer Science | (585) 276-5784
611 Computer Sciences Building

Interests: Computer Vision; Machine learning; Data Mining; Social Media; Biomedical Informatics; Human Computer Interaction; Ubiquitous and Mobile Computing

Randal Nelson

Nelson, Randal C.

Associate Professor of Computer Science | (585) 275-8848
719 CSB

Interests: Machine vision and robotics; Object recognition and learning representations at the interface between feature-based and appearance-based approaches; Vision for manipulation and hand-eye coordination; Motion recognition and analysis, and visual navigation

Ted Pawlicki

Pawlicki, Thaddeus E.

Undergraduate Program Director | (585) 275-4198
731 CSB

Interests: Undergraduate eduction; Robotics; Computer vision; Artificial intelligence

Len Schubert

Schubert, Lenhart K.

last name at cs (dot) rochester (dot) edu
733 CSB

Interests: Language; Knowledge representation; Inference; Self-motivated planning

Michael Scott

Scott, Michael L.

Professor | (585) 275-7745
715 CSB

Interests: Systems software for parallel and distributed computing; Programming languages; Operating systems; Synchronization; Transactional memory

Joel Seiferas

Seiferas, Joel I.

Associate Professor of Computer Science | (585) 275-7898
622 CSB

Interests: Theoretical computer science; Computational complexity; Algorithms; Automata

Kai Shen

Shen, Kai

Associate Professor of Computer Science | (585) 275-5426
714 CSB

Interests: Computer systems; Operating systems

Daniel Stefankovic

Stefankovic, Daniel

Associate Professor of Computer Science | (585) 275-5492
620 CSB

Interests: Theoretical computer science: graph theory, combinatorics, Fourier transform, Markov chains/counting, learning theory, phylogeny, game theory, graph equations, routing

Muthuramakrishnan Venkitasubramaniam

Venkitasubramaniam, Muthuramakrishnan

Assistant Professor of Computer Science | (585) 275-7968
621 CSB

Interests: Cryptography; Complexity Theory