Computing Resources

If you find out any of this is wrong (outdated) please accept my apologies and please tell me about it so I can fix things. Thanks, -- CB

Computers and Remote Access

The main computers for the course will be the machines of the Undergraduate CS Labs in Hylan 301. These machines are currently high-end Dell PCs running Fedora 9 (kernel 2.6.25) (i.e. Red Hat Linux). Sign-up for accounts will occur the first day of class. Click here if you were absent.

Remote X clients (WebTermX for PCs and eXodus for Macs) may now be available on all public machines on campus, and are available free of charge to all ResNet users. I guess you can talk to the IT people in RRL about all this.

The cycle servers for remote access are multiprocessors named,, and Please make connections to these, not to the machines with displays.

If you are relatively new to Unix, you should read through the introductory material on another page.

Students with accounts in the CS research labs may elect to work there instead, but course software will be maintained only on the CSUG network.


We use Blackboard for general announcements, newsgroups and programming assignment submission. Often your questions or discoveries while exploring these various software systems will be of interest to everyone, so using discussion groups for questions and answers is a great idea.

As of 8/23/09 the URL I'm using is Blackboard Main Page.

Last Change: 8/23/09