Advanced Robotics: CSC 290
Perpetually-updated Syllabus and Schedule

The Reading listed for a day should be done BEFORE that day. Note that "primary reading" may not be sufficient, palatable, or accessible, especially in the programming language segments (first week of a module). Please see the The homework, both written exercises and programming exercises, is organized on a weekly basis and described in detail in the 173 Exercises page. It is (usually) "assigned" at the beginning of a week and due at the end of it, but there are several multi-week assignments.

Written exercises are due in hardcopy by the start of the first class of the following week, either in class or in the box outside TA's office.

Programming exercises due in Blackboard on the day and time indicated in Blackboard: dates below are approximate. There's a 3-day "late" period on programming assignments, which are usually due on Sundays, so the Tuesday date is appropriate as a "drop dead" deadline.

The syllabus may well be updated as reality intrudes, so be prepared for variations.

DJ is the Dudek and Jenkin text. Exercises are given here.


Part Subject Various Readings Lecture Notes Exercises Due
1 Intro, Coordinates DJ Chapters 1, 9, 10, 2. e-Res: McKerrow Coords, Craig Coord Frames none See BB
2 Mobile and Manipulator Kinematics Handout Copies from Craig, McKerrow, and some real-world examples: UR Robot Lab, and UR Robot Head none See BB

Linear Systems and Control

Big Dog

Part Subject Primary Reading Lecture Notes Exercises Due
3 Linear Systems and Transforms Hardcopy handout none See BB
4 Control e-Reserves: Craig Control,(wiki: Harmonic Oscillator, Feedback Control), Matlab PID tutorial, ... Control See BB

Non-Visual Sensors, Representing Space

Particle Filter Animation

Part Subject Primary Reading Lecture Notes Exercises Due
5 NonVisual Sensing, Maps, etc. DJ Chaps 3, 7, 8 none See BB
6 Data Fusion Kalman Filter Tutorial, various TRs (UR Research>CS>Brown> dates 1989-1994, KF page , etc. Particle filter none See BB


Recognizing Activities thru Feature Trajectories

Part Subject Primary Reading Lecture Notes Exercises Due
7 Computer Vision DJ Chap. 4, e-Res: Camera Modelling (Forsyth and Ponce) ( none See BB
8 More CV none none See BB

Reasoning and Control Architectures

Part Subject Primary Reading Lecture Notes Exercises Due
9 Representing Space DJ Chap. 5 none See BB
10 Architectures DJ Chap. 6 none See BB
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