Note: Schedules are subject to changes, please check back frequently.

Date Plan References
Jan 17, Thursday Course overview
Jan 22, Tuesday Concurrency management for online applications Flash web server
Capriccio: scalable threads for Internet services
Scalability of the select() system call
Soft timers: efficient microsecond software timer support for network processing
Jan 24, Thursday Queueing modeling of network servers Jain's book, Chapters 30-33
Jan 29, Tuesday More queueing modeling of network servers Jain's book, Chapter 34
Jan 31, Thursday Request tracking Resource Containers: A new facility for resource management in server systems
Feb 5, Tuesday More request tracking and workload monitoring Using Magpie for request extraction and workload modeling
Hardware counter driven on-the-fly request signatures
Feb 7, Thursday Scalable replication and data consistency Scalable, distributed data structures for Internet service construction
Manageability, availability and performance in Porcupine: a highly-scalable, cluster-based mail service
The Google file system
Chain replication for supporting high throughput and availability
Feb 12, Tuesday Storage device characterization More than an interface - SCSI vs. ATA
How Flash memory changes the five-minute rule
Feb 14, Thursday On-disk write caching and data consistency Disks from the perspective of a filesystem
Journaling filesystem consistency on disks without tagged command queuing
Soft updates: a technique for eliminating most synchronous writes in fast filesystem
Feb 19, Tuesday OS delayed writes and data durability Rethink the sync
The Rio file cache: surviving operating system crashes
Feb 21, Thursday Summarizing measured data Jain's book, Chapter 12
Feb 26, Tuesday Measurement confidence Jain's book, Chapter 13
Feb 28, Thursday Regression-based modeling Jain's book, Chapters 14&15
Mar 4, Tuesday Guest talk by Chuanpeng Li
Mar 6, Thursday An empirical workload characterization
Mar 11, Tuesday Spring break
Mar 13, Thursday Spring break
Mar 18, Tuesday Virtual machine overview
Mar 20, Thursday Virtual machine memory management Accelerating two-dimensional page walks for virtualized systems
Memory resource management in VMware ESX server
Virtual machine memory access tracing with hypervisor exclusive cache
Mar 25, Tuesday More on virtual machine Antfarm: tracking processes in a virtual machine environment
Live migration of virtual machines
Backtracking intrusions
Terra: a virtual machine-based platform for trusted computing
Splitting interfaces: making trust between applications and operating systems configurable
Overshadow: a virtualization-based approach to retrofitting protection in commodity operating systems
Mar 27, Thursday Finding bugs in operating systems Checking system rules using system-specific, programmer-written compiler extensions
Bugs as deviant behavior: a general approach to inferring errors in systems code
An empirical study of operating systems errors
Apr 1, Tuesday Guest talk by Christopher Stewart
Apr 3, Thursday Guest talk by Xin Li
Apr 8, Tuesday Selected papers from EuroSys'08 EuroSys 2008 proceedings
Apr 10, Thursday Another EuroSys'08 paper Replication degree customization for high availability
Apr 15, Tuesday Project proposals
Apr 17, Thursday Project proposals (cont.)
Apr 22, Tuesday Project proposals (cont.)
Apr 24, Thursday OS utilization of processor hardware counters Hardware counter driven on-the-fly request signatures
Processor hardware counter statistics as a first-class system resource
Apr 29, Tuesday Operating system performance anomalies