A Few Pictures of Cesium

Below is an image of an actual sample of cesium sent to the the compiler of this page, compliments of chemist Rolf Engleman, in order that he might experience the beauty of the sublime element firsthand. The sample consists of a few milligrams of cesium metal sealed in pyrex under high vacuum. With some effort, the golden color can be discerned (or imagined) in the picture. It is actually somewhat difficult to get certain colors to show up as perceived in digital photographs. On actual observation, the color is pronounced, and matches almost exactly the tone and luster of 14K gold.

The pictures below, contributed by Oben Candemir, show the gold color more distinctly, as well as the easily melted character of cesium metal.

Oh I wish I had a bottle

The following pictures, contributed by Chris Kanter, of cesium from his own personal hoard, further illustrate the beauty of the element.
The question of the day is, is this bottle of Cesium half empty or half full??

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