CSC 160 TA Facts and Guidelines


Matlab: A Practical Introduction... by Storm Attaway.


Chris Brown, CSB 609, x57852.
Email: brown fat cs rochester edu ).

Randal Nelson, CSB 719, x58848
Email: nelson att cs rochester edu ).

About TAs

Here are the Spring 2011 TAs:

Adina Rubinoff [], Head TA
Adam Purtee [], Co-Head TA

Andrew Katz []
Angela Ketterer []
Brian Dixon []
Cassandra Gorman []
Daniel Barbash []
Jacy Krystal Bulaon []
Colin H. Jiang []
Robert Diblasi []
Sijia Zhang []
Stephen Zhang []
Steven A. []
Xu Wang []

Office Hours

Individual TAs can assess student demand and their own proclivities and either decide to hold regular office hours (probably in one of the public computer labs like GAV244, HY303, HARK114, etc.) or to be available by appointment for 1-on-1 meetings.

Adam Purtee, CSB office CSB724, Monday and Wed. from 3:20-4:30.

Assignment Numbers Spring 2011

Here are the assignments with numbers so you know who is grading what:

  1. Assignments 1 - 5: Programming Assignments 1 through 5 in order.
  2. Assignment 6: The Pi Project
  3. Ass. 7: Linear Algebra basic Code
  4. Ass. 8: Gaussian Elimination Experiments
  5. Ass. 9: Model Fitting
  6. Ass. 10: DAQ terms, Key Words in Context, short essay
  7. Ass. 11: LED Labs (quickie writeup with plots)
  8. Ass. 12: ODE Solution
  9. Ass. 13: LVDT Lab Writeup
  10. Ass. 14: (if we assign it!) Signal Processing

Laboratory Assignments

As of Jan 21:

Sunday 5-7:]
Andrew Katz]
Daniel Barbash

Tuesday 5-7: Jacy Krystal Bulaon
Robert Diblasi
Stephen Zhang

Tuesday 7-9: Angela Ketterer
Brian Dixon
Sijia Zhang

Thursday 5-7:
Cassandra Gorman
Steven A.
Xu Wang

Grading Assignments

The 2010 grading groups and assignments are:

Assignment numbers are given in the section above.

1 (so assignments 1,4,7, etc):
Andrew Katz
Angela Ketterer
Brian Dixon
Cassandra Gorman

2 (assignments 2,5,8,etc):
Christian Vu
Daniel Barbash
Jacy Krystal Bulaon
Robert Diblasi

3 (assignments 3,6,9,etc):
Sijia Zhang
Stephen Zhang
Steven A.
Xu Wang

And the students will be divided up like so:
Andrew, Christian and Sijia: Students 1 - 31 (so Braden Adcock through Zhekai Deng)
Angela, Daniel and Stephen: Students 32 - 62 (so Trevor Devisser through Christina Kayastha)
Brian, Jacy and Steven: Students 63 - 93 (so Andrew Keene through Angelo Persichilli)
Cassandra, Robert and Xu: Students 94 - 125 (so Jacob Prah through Cheryl Zhou)

Make Sure your Grade Gets Posted! With multiple submissions allowed, BB may not report your grade. From what we can tell, If there are multiple submissions it seems that a grade only appears if ALL the submissions are graded. BUT only the most recent one counts. Thus you may have to give some sort of fake grade (0) to earlier submissions in order for last one's grade to be visible.

Here are the instructions for downloading the students' files off blackboard: Go to the 160 webpage on blackboard On the side, click evaluation, then Grade Center Click the little arrows ("chevrons") on the side of the column title you want to grade, then select Assignment File Download. Check the boxes next to the students whose files you want to download, then click Submit at the bottom Click "Download assignments now"!

For TAs

(And students too - you might be a TA next year...)

  1. Grading Policies and Rubrics.
  2. Universal Hand-in Instructions.
  3. TA-textbook pairings.
  4. Head TA duties.
  5. TA Lab Info and Duties.
  6. Grading Rubrics.
  7. Getting Paid.

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